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How Gospel International Outreach Began

“How Gospel International Outreach began. My name is Kenneth Newkirk and I am a missionary from the Unites States. From the time I became born again in 1998, I have studied the bible and spent 8 years in homeless ministry and have become very drawn to the mission field, but never dreamed that I would be called to this great and rewarding work. After 7 1/2 years of my walk with God, I was struck by a car while standing inside a convenience store in 2005 which resulted in many injuries and the use of a wheel chair causing me to face my biggest fear. I spent the next four years recovering from accident and studying the bible more intently than ever before. God began a work in me that has changed my life forever.  I felt like Job and can now understand many of the trials he and others from scripture have gone through. As I look back on the last 15 years from the accident I can see many great experiences God has put me through to make me a much stronger believer. In 2010 He sent me to Israel, by myself to live for three months. I had not traveled outside of the country, nor had I been on an airplane since the accident. I look back and can see that he was asking me to get out of the boat of earthly securities and rise above my circumstances while still in a wheel chair and trust Him totally and not on any person. This was the most exciting thing I had ever done. After returning from Israel I spent two years in Arizona and New Mexico on the Navajo Indian Reservation. I enjoyed my time there while I learned of their culture. Little did I know that my time on the reservation was God's preparation for the African mission field. Next the Holy Spirit asked me to go to Kenya for 10 months again by myself. This was just as intense as going to Israel and I loved the challenges that I was again faced with. While I was working in Western Kenya I formed GOSPEL INTERNATIONAL OUTREACH in the United States. While in Kenya I was teaching the bible in churches and home fellowships and also drilling water wells. I fell in love with the people of Kenya and all that I was experiencing there and I knew that this was the calling on my life. Over the last 7 years, I have spent almost 50% of my time in Kenya & Ghana Africa. 
  One day very soon I know that I will get out of this wheel chair and walk by the hand of Jesus Christ. But for right now I go forward in my calling. The chair may slow me down a little, but in no way does it stop me from accomplishing the call of God on my life. I also dedicate myself to help and disciple those who also have recognized a strong calling on their life. Some are being prepared for the mission field and others for work in other countries. As I watch them grow I look for ways that I can be of help to them to become all that God has for them.”  

Kenneth Newkirk

Founder of GIO